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filmomatt® libre label protection

label protection ►reflection-free ►easy to scan ►self-adhesive ►PVC-free ►environmentally friendly ►libraries, pharmacies, and much more


filmomatt® libre self-adhesive, crystal-clear, matt book protection film increases the life of your labels by protecting them from contamination and damage. The narrow rolls are ideal for protecting labels and signatures. The TA 3 tape dispenser allows them to be processed perfectly. Thanks to high initial tack, filmomatt® libre can be used universally on book covers. The printed grid on the silicone paper makes it easy to cut by hand.
The product is APEO- and BPA-free.


  • Matt and non-reflective for good scanability
  • Environmentally friendly and PVC-free
  • High initial tack
  • Solvent-free and aging-resistant adhesive
  • APEO- and BPA-free


26621 50m x 2cm 40 mm core, film inside
26622 50m x 3cm 40 mm core, film inside
26623 50m x 4cm 40 mm core, film inside
26689 50m x 6cm 40 mm core, film inside
26690 50m x 10cm 40 mm core, film inside

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