Book Care & Repair

Folding bone

Folding leg in 15 cm ►traditionally made of bone ►Processing of book protection foils ►Professional accessories ►for libraries etc.


With a length of 15 cm, the folding leg, traditionally made of bone, lies well in the hand. The folding leg is used to work the filmolux® book protection films into the book fold or to drive the film into the spine. In bookbinding, it is used for classic folding and creasing. It is also used for rubbing the filmoplast® repair tapes. The folding leg is pointed on one side and rounded on the other. This shape makes it a practical aid when foiling and repairing books, for example.


  • For professional foiling
  • Traditional bone folding bone
  • White
  • 15 cm long
  • Pointed shape

37325 15 cm Burnishing Bone

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