Book Care & Repair

filmolux® soft organic

environmentally friendly ►made of  Bio-PE ►professional book protection ►PVC-free ►for smooth surfaces ►easy to apply


filmolux® soft organic is a glossy, crystal clear book protection film with reduced initial adhesion. It is based on Bio-PE and protects your books from damage and contamination or dirt. filmolux® soft organic is unique with its combination of organic Bio-PE film based on sugar cane and the embossed, 100 % recyclable PE film cover. The film is easy to apply bubble-free by hand and easy to correct while bonding. filmolux® soft organic is suitable for smooth surfaces, such as paper and glossy covers, brochures and folders, and paperback books and comics. The separation cut in the 100 % recyclable PE film cover makes peel-off during processing easier. The printed grid makes it easy to cut to size.
The product is APEO-, BPA- and PVC-free.


  • Based on Bio-PE
  • 100 % recycable PE cover
  • Very easy to correct
  • Easy bubble-free bonding
  • With separating cut for easy removal
  • Solvent-free and aging-resistant adhesive
  • APEO- and BPA-free


6044838 25 m x 22 cm
6044839 25 m x 24 cm
6044840 25 m x 26 cm
6044841 25 m x 28 cm
6044842 25 m x 30 cm
6044843 25 m x 32 cm
6044844 25 m x 34 cm
6044845 25 m x 36 cm
6044846 25 m x 41 cm
6044847 25 m x 50 cm