Book Care & Repair

Book paste 1kg

Book glue ►for bookbinding and craft work ►for professionals and hobby ►white adhesive ►solvent-free


The book glue is a water-based dispersion glue, suitable for general bookbinding work, but also for gluing folding boxes or corrugated cartons. The versatile book glue is also suitable for laminating in the hobby sector. The glue is supplied in a bottle with a spout for application. For a longer shelf life, fill the required amount of book glue into a clean container and reseal the bottle. Do not go directly into the bottle with the tool/brush to avoid contamination. Shake the bottle well before use.


  • Book glue for classic bookbinding
  • For bonding in the hobby
  • Solvent-free, aging-resistant white glue
  • Bottle with spout for application

90538 1 kg book glue