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Neschen HSM 2.0

New, next generation Neschen Hot Laminating Machine for laminating documents with filmoplast® R - In-house developed & manufactured !


The Neschen HSM 2.0 can laminate documents with filmoplast® R on one or both sides. You can efficiently carry out large volume restoration of wood-pulp papers and newspapers from the middle of the 19th century. Significant time and cost savings for the user are guaranteed.


  • The 620 mm width is suitable for all sizes of filmoplast® R
  • Variable speed of up to two meters per minute
  • The Neschen HSM 2.0 has two heated rollers(up to 150 °C) and two pull rolls (manually adjustable up to a gap of 20 mm)
  • Including extra equipment: removable outfeed table, sub-table on castors (unassembled)


  • The large stainless steel in-feed table enables an easy insert of documents
  • The in-feed table can be folded upwards and is held in place by magnets
  • The upper and lower material holders can be easily equipped with filmoplast® R rolls
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Simple adjustment of the material tension via the externally located brakes
  • Removable out-feed table
  • The sturdy sub-table on casters allows an easy movement of the machine


  • Safety eye and emergency shut-off button for
    increased operator safety
  • CE certified

6041412 Neschen HSM 2.0 620mm