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filmolux 900

Discover the glossy book protection filmolux® 900. Produced in compliance with REACH and thus BPA- and APEO-free. filmolux® 900 offers low initial tack and is therefore an excellent choice for application onto smooth book covers or surfaces such as paperbacks, comics or brochures. Your advantage: an extremely easy application - small errors can be corrected. This adhesive film guarantee a crystal-clear and bubble-free application.


filmolux® 900 is ideal for application onto smooth surfaces, e.g. on paperbacks, comics, paper covers, brochures, folders, etc. The glossy book protection film is particularly easy to apply. Small application errors can be easily corrected. This product can be processed with the BLS-Classic and BLS-Professional.

  • 90µm phthalate-free PVC, clear, glossy
  • low initial tack
  • silicone backing with grid for easy cutting
  • ISO 22196 certified

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6042733 25m x 22cm
6042734 25m x 24cm
6042735 25m x 26cm
6042736 25m x 28cm
6042737 25m x 30cm
6042742 25m x 32cm
6042745 25m x 34cm
6042755 25m x 36cm
6042756 25m x 41cm
6042757 25m x 50cm
6042758 25m x 62cm

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