Book Care & Repair

Cire 213

Professional book care and protection ►for leather book covers ►makes leather water repellent ►acts insecticidal


Cire 213 was developed by the French National Library specifically for leather book bindings. It is a colorless emulsion based on claw oil for the protection and care of leather bindings. Cire 213 rehydrates the leather and makes it water repellent. It is pH neutral to slightly alkaline and has an insecticidal effect. Cire 213 restores suppleness to dry, cracked leather. Please shake the can well before use.


  • Protection and care for leather bindings
  • Developed by the French National Library
  • Makes leather water repellent
  • Restores suppleness to dry leather
  • Protection against biological pests
  • Made from claw oil

90336 50 ml Cire 213