Book Care & Repair

filmolux® H 200

strong material ►protects + reinforced ►for maps and plans ►medium for braille typewriter


The self-adhesive reinforcing film filmolux® H 200 protects and reinforces paperback covers, maps or plans. Lampshades, fairy lights, and even mobiles can be designed and shaped with filmolux® H 200. filmolux® H 200 is also suitable for use on the Braille typewriter. The printed grid on the silicone paper release liner simplifies cutting to size.
The product composition of filmolux® H 200 is APEO-free and BPA-free.


  • Strong material
  • Glossy and crystal clear
  • High initial tack
  • Solvent-free and aging-resistant adhesive
  • APEO-free and BPA-free


25347 10 m x 62 cm
25348 10 m x 124 cm
25349 50 m x 62 cm
25351 50 m x 124 cm