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gudy® dot

semi-permanent adhesive ►carrierless adhesive dots ►transfer adhesive film ►PVC-free ►PAT-certified


The semi-permanently adhesive gudy® dot is a transfer adhesive film for cold lamination of digital prints or photos onto many board materials. Due to the linerless easy dot® transfer technology, the adhesive dots are very flexible and conformable, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition, gudy® dot can be used to pre-fix e.g. denim or cotton fabrics, which are to be sewn afterwards. Materials to be bonded over a wide area can be bonded without bubbles thanks to the adhesive dots, and adhesive residues can be removed without leaving any residue. The pH-neutral, water-based and age-resistant adhesive prevents catalytic processes, thus ensuring the quality and value of the print in the long term. The material wound on itself with a silicone paper cover on one side is suitable for machine processing, e.g. on Neschen laminators, or for manual processing. It can be used universally indoors.
gudy® dot has passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916.


  • Cold lamination of digital and analog prints
  • For plates such as Alu-Dibond, Forex®, glass, etc.
  • Semi-permanent adhesive
  • Bubble-free application thanks to easy dot® transfer technology
  • Application of photos (in albums, on walls and much more)
  • For pre-fixing of e.g. jeans or cotton fabrics
  • Easy to remove without leaving any residue
  • Water-based, pH-neutral and age-resistant adhesive



6035157 50 m x 2,5 cm / 76 mm core 10 Rolls
6035158 50 m x 104 cm / 76 mm core
6035159 50 m x 130 cm / 76 mm core
6035160 50 m x 140 cm / 76 mm core
6042833 50 m x 160 cm / 76 mm core

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