Mounting Films

gudy 804

double sided film - permanent/reversible adhesive


Designed for

    • for manual application of graphics to a variety of surfaces as smooth PVC-surfaces, polystyrene, polycarbonate, chipboard laminated aluminum, etc.
    • for indoor use

Product Features

    • 70 µm monomeric soft-PVC carrier
    • transparent
    • permanent adhesive on one side and a repositionable adhesive on the other
    • two release liner, permanent identified by paper release liner, repositionable side identified by embossed PE film release liner
    • can be repositioned or removed without residue
    • environmentally friendly waterbased adhesive

Product Structure

Backing: one-sided siliconised glassine paper
Adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, permanent
Carrier: 70 µm soft-PVC monomeric
Adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, removable
Backing: embossed PE-film


25911 50 m x 61 cm / 77mm core
6008493 50 m x 104 cm / 77mm core
25923 50 m x 122 cm / 77mm core
6025260 50 m x 130 cm / 77mm core