Mounting Films

gudy® window

permanent on both sides ►special for bonding behind acrylic glass and glass ►PVC-free


gudy® window is an optically clear mounting film, with a permanent and a reversible adhesive side. The reversibly adhesive side has a textured adhesive layer, which allows it to be repositioned, applied without bubbles, and removed without residue. Advertising messages or graphics can be stuck behind glass with gudy® window, e.g. in store windows, store doors or car windows. Because it is covered on both sides, gudy® window can be processed into shaped blanks. The material, which is wound on itself, is suitable for machine processing, e.g. on Neschen laminators, or manual processing and can be used universally in interior applications.


  • One side permanent, one side reversible adhesive
  • Bubble-free application
  • Repositionable
  • Easy to remove without residue
  • PVC-free
  • For application behind glass
  • For store windows, store doors, car windows, illuminated showcases etc.
  • pH-neutral, water-based and ageing-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive



6025395 50 m x 104 cm / 77 mm core
6000712 50 m x 122 cm / 77 mm core
6026855 50 m x 130 cm / 77 mm core

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