Mounting Films

gudy® 806 hybrid

one side gudy® power-tack ►other side gudy® dot ►ultrastrong ►bubble-free


gudy® 806 hybrid combines the advantages of gudy® power-tack and gudy® dot in one product. The strong adhesive side can be applied to smooth surfaces as well as to many structured surfaces. This means that materials that are difficult to coat with adhesive can be given a self-adhesive finish. Media equipped with gudy® 806 hybrid can be applied easily and bubble-free thanks to the easy dot® transfer technology. The pH-neutral, water-based and ageing-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive and the high application weight create a permanent bond. The material wound on itself with a silicone paper cover on one side is suitable for machine application, e.g. on Neschen laminators, or manual application and can be used universally indoors.


  • For cold laminating on textured materials
  • Covered on one side
  • Bubble-free application thanks to easy dot® transfer technology
  • Easy and residue-free removal
  • pH-neutral, water-based and aging-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive


6044585 50 m x 106,7 cm / 76 mm core
6043141 50 m x 130 cm / 76 mm core