Book Care & Repair

filmoplast® T

self-adhesive textile tape ►colored ►professional book repair in libraries and much more


The colored self-adhesive textile fabric filmoplast® T, is ideal for laminating book covers or entire books and reinforcing and repairing the connection between the book cover and book block or book spine. filmoplast® T is used for reinforcing the back of maps and plans, as it is exceptionally supple and foldable. Thanks to its high adhesive strength, filmoplast® T is also used to repair board games. In picture framing, filmoplast® T is used for dust-free sealing of backing boards. filmoplast® T can be perfectly processed with the tape dispenser TA 3. The printed grid on the silicone paper makes it easy to cut by hand.
A color sample card is available on request. The product composition of filmoplast® T is REACH-compliant; the product is APEO- and BPA-free.


  • Professional, self-adhesive textile fabric
  • Dyed with natural colors
  • Available in eight colors
  • High adhesive strength
  • Solvent-free, acid-free, and aging-resistant adhesive
  • Easy handling
  • Processing on the tape dispenser TA 3
  • APEO- and BPA-free


25383 10m x 3cm Blue
25384 10m x 3cm Red
25385 10m x 3cm Green
25386 10m x 3cm Black
25387 10m x 3cm White
25388 10m x 3cm Grey
25404 10m x 3cm Yellow - while stocks last
25464 10m x 3cm Brown
25390 10m x 5cm Blue
25391 10m x 5cm Red
25392 10m x 5cm Green
25393 10m x 5cm Black
25394 10m x 5cm White
25395 10m x 5cm Grey
25405 10m x 5cm Yellow - while stocks last
25465 10m x 5cm Brown
25397 10m x 8cm Blue
25398 10m x 8cm Red
25399 10m x 8cm Green
25400 10m x 8cm Black
25401 10m x 8cm White
25402 10m x 8cm Grey
25406 10m x 8cm Yellow - while stocks last
25466 10m x 8cm Brown
25430 10m x 124cm White
25431 10m x 124cm Grey