Book Care & Repair

filmolux® 609 label protection

label protection ►protects against dirt and damages ►for libraries, etc.


The self-adhesive, crystal-clear, glossy book protection filmolux® 609 protects against soiling and damage. The pre-cut labels are ideal as protection for labels and signatures but also for bottle labels in pharmacies and laboratories. In addition, the versatile book protection film enables easy cleaning and disinfection. Thanks to its high initial tack, filmolux® 609 can be used universally on many materials.
The production process of filmolux® 609 is APEO-free and BPA-free.



  • Glossy and crystal clear
  • High initial tack
  • Can be processed on BLS
  • Solvent-free and aging-resistant adhesive
  • APEO-free and BPA-free


36603 30mm x 70mm 1.515 pieces per roll
36604 30mm x 110mm 1.515 pieces per roll
36622 46mm x 61mm 1.020 pieces per roll
36606 50mm x 100mm 485 pieces per roll