Book Care & Repair

filmoplast® SH

white textile ►high adhesive strength ►tear-resistant ►folding tape ►professional book repair in libraries and much more


The self-adhesive, white textile fabric filmoplast® SH has a high tear strength. It is ideal for gluing over or repairing stitched book block spines – so-called rebating. Thanks to its high adhesive strength, filmoplast® SH is also used to reinforce and repair the bond between the book cover and the book block. filmoplast® SH extends the life of books. In picture framing, filmoplast® SH is installed as a hinge for the connection between the passepartout mask and the back plates. It can also be used for dust-free sealing of back panels. The solvent-free, permanently elastic adhesive offers an easy-to-use alternative to water-activated adhesive tapes.
Its resistance to aging has been tested by the Paper Technology Foundation (PTS) and certified by the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916. filmoplast® SH can be perfectly processed with the TA 3 table dispenser. The product composition of filmoplast® SH is APEO-free and BPA-free.


  • Professional, self-adhesive textile fabric
  • White fabric
  • Highly adhesive and very tear resistant
  • Solvent-free, acid-free and aging-resistant adhesive
  • Aging resistance certified by PAT according to ISO 18916
  • Easy handling
  • Processing on the table dispenser TA 3
  • APEO-free and BPA-free


26322 25 m x 1,3 cm unit rolls 10
26323 25 m x 2 cm unit rolls 10
26324 25 m x 3 cm unit rolls 10
6017094 25 m x 3 cm Single roll

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