Book Care & Repair


for filmolux® book protection films ►effective squeegee system ►time-saving + clean ►bubble-free result ►integrated measuring tape


The BLS-Professional is a book laminating station for professional and fast foiling of book series. An integrated measuring scale helps to select the appropriate dimension of the filmolux® book protection film. Changing the rolls is quick and easy. When the book protection film is unrolled, the backing paper is automatically separated from the self-adhesive protection film. The effective squeegee system laminates the filmolux® book protection film onto the books without leaving any bubbles, and the smooth-running cutter head cuts it cleanly. With a working width of up to 41 cm, the BLS-Professional saves work and time on large volumes.
The following filmolux® book protection films with backing paper are recommended for processing on the BLS-Professional: filmolux®, filmolux® 609, filmolux® 610, filmolux® 900, filmolux® 909, filmolux® libre and filmolux® libre fine pearl.


  • Laminate book series quickly and easily
  • Integrated measuring tape
  • Effective squeegee system for bubble-free results
  • Simple and fast roll change
  • Automatic cover paper separation
  • Smooth-running cutter head for clean cutting
  • For filmolux® rolls up to 41 cm wide
  • Dimensions: 70 cm (L) x 65 cm (W) x 40 cm (H)
  • Weight 45 kg

art. no.

6033951 BLS-Professional
6032178 Replacement blade