August 2023

The future of wall design: printable wall coverings

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Whether in private homes or large-scale commercial projects, personalized interior design has never been in such high demand as it is today. For interior designers, shopfitters, and booth builders, printable wall coverings offer a cost-efficient way of giving interiors that eye-catching finish.

Sensational promotion or long-lasting wall design

When selecting a medium, it is vital to plan ahead. Whether for long-term wall design in hotels and other interiors or short-term promotion at the point of sale – there are suitable wall coverings for any purpose. PVC-free wallpapers and high-tack wall coverings are ideal for semi-permanent or permanent installations. For short- to medium-term campaigns, for example at the point of sale, there are products that can be quickly removed without leaving any residue.


The look of real wallpaper paired with the creative freedom of graphics films

Whether opting for geometric designs, advertising messages, or landscape photography, almost any design can be applied to printable wallpaper. This presents enormous potential for interior designers. Depending on the product, the wallpapers feature textures smooth and sand do not interfere with the chosen graphic design. In terms of compatible printing technologies, Neschen offers printable wallpapers for nearly all inks, ranging from UV-curing inks to latex and solvent inks. In the shop fitting industry, digitally printable wall coverings not only score with their versatility; many wall coverings are ideal for public areas because they are washable, abrasion-resistant, and durable. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas such as shopping malls.

Discover how printable wall coverings transform interiors

A homage to Portugal’s best coffee: Neschen’s wallpaper at the Hotel Pestana Porto – A Brasileira.

Porto’s newest luxury hotel gives its guests a glimpse into a rich history: The Hotel Pestana Porto – A Brasileira is built in the famous A Brasileira Café, the first to serve coffee in a cup in the early 20th century. Renowned for the slogan „The best coffee comes from A Brasileira“, it has a special past. The 5-star hotel still features the building’s original architectural elements and boasts 115 years of history. The rooms‘ themes are all tied to the spices and products imported during the Portuguese maritime expansion during the 15th and 16th centuries. Digitally printable wall coverings are a perfect medium for these types of applications: The wall designs fully transform the look and feel of hotel rooms, restaurants, and retail areas while being cost-efficient. Since interior designers and shopfitters are free to select any design, printable wall coverings are becoming more and more appreciated as a sophisticated design element for interiors.


On the walls of the hotel’s 89 rooms, Neschen’s wallpaper performance pays tribute to the interesting history of the hotel.

Images courtesy of printers Neonmax und Clamapor

Colour-coordinated interiors made easy

The interior banquet hall of an upscale Hotel. features this wall design by WALLART printing studio, using Neschen performance wallpaper smooth. The paper is „brushable“ when printed with UV-curable inks, a requirement for most commercially used spaces.


Art deco with a twist

In a 200-year-old historic building in Gödöllö, a small town near Budapest, Hungary, the interior of the movie theater received a whole new-look thanks to printable wall coverings. The designer’s plan was to combine an art deco style with a modern twist, while featuring historic pictures of Hollywood history and the story of Gödöllo. Life Print Kft. decided to use Neschen wallpaper L-UV in combination with HP latex printing technology.

Eco friendliness – an increasingly important factor

Just as in many other sectors, the interior design market is moving more and more towards green products. In regards to printable wallpapers, this means focussing increasingly on PVC-free solutions.
For Neschen, this meant developing the “Green Wall” range of wallpapers, which are not only PVC- but also solvent-free.