August 2023

Creative 3D floor stickers

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Today, we would like to share a particularly creative client project with you. The Dutch content and social media agency @SOCIALINC created a beautiful TikTok campaign for Wellantcollege. They placed a cool 3D floor sticker of a swimming pool in ten places. Very TikTok-worthy! Curious to see what the schools do with it? Check out #Wellant on TikTok to see the wonderful effect.

With 29 locations across the Netherlands, Wellantcollege is Europe’s largest middle and high school vocational education institute for food, climate, and animal and human welfare. Wellantcollege launched a fun campaign with Social.Inc. These stickers feature various inflatable figures, as shown in the picture to the right. The inflatable figures represent the different themed classes you can discover at Wellantcollege. These themes include cooking, business, art, and technology.

Jump into the future

The floor stickers are designed for the “Jump into the future” contest. In this promotion, students are asked to create a playful video and post it on TikTok. In this way, Wellantcollege’s themes resonate with the target audience. The fun part for participants is that the three best creations on TikTok win AirPods!

UV print ‘n’ walk power-tack: suitable for various floors


The 3D stickers were designed by Social.Inc, a digital brand publishing agency based in Amstelveen. They added extra power to the campaign. Not only by using their strong brand creations but also by leveraging their network. The stickers were printed and applied on site by Stickercompany from Eindhoven. They printed the stickers on UVprint’n’walk power-tack. UVprint’n’walk power-tack is a 200 μm matte white textured PVC film specially developed for floor stickers. The film features a strong adhesive suitable for use on hard-to-stick surfaces such as trade show carpet, concrete, and wood. Since the ten locations have different floor coverings, this material is great for these different applications. A big advantage of this film is that it can be printed directly onto the structure, eliminating the need for lamination. This saves time! UVprint’n’walk power-tack has R9 anti-slip certification and fire class certification according to EN 13501-1 (class B-S1 – flame retardant) for printing with UV-curable inks.

3D floor stickers:
attention-grabbing and creative

Using floor stickers is an effective way to reach a target audience. When you use a floor sticker, you can be sure that your message will stand out. Floor stickers inspire people to take a specific action. And let’s not forget: floor stickers also have an entertainment effect. The 3D effect of these floor stickers increases their attention value even more. 3D floor stickers can be used in many ways, e.g., for raffles like this one, but also for campaigns or, e.g., for the new opening of your store.

The form of guerrilla marketing that you can use with floor stickers is suitable for any business, large or small, as you can achieve a great result with a relatively small budget. You must use a playful action that will attract a lot of attention, so the action has the potential to go viral. With this promotion, together with Social.Inc, Wellantcollege benefits from a cross-media approach. By using the platform TikTok, but also the social channels of Social.Inc and other channels of Wellantcollege, they achieve a high reach.


Custom 3D floor stickers for a strong result

Various videos are circulating on TikTok showing the 3D floor stickers at Wellantcollege. So far, it has been a very successful campaign, as the 3D floor stickers have generated a lot of interest among students. Guaranteed eye-catchers: 3D stickers are therefore ideal for promotions and campaigns at POS or trade shows.