October 2017

The new solvoprint® performance wall-grip – it sticks where other films fail

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  • New “High Tack” Permanent Adhesive film by NESCHEN, for reliable lasting applications
  • High adhesive strength for difficult surfaces like untreated and painted chipboard rough plaster or Polypropelene (PP) containers
  • For Long Term Interior Design applications e.g. standbuilding & Office “Fit-Outs”

In order to meet the special requirements of customers in the interior design and outdoor signage markets, NESCHEN has launched the 100 µm thick, polymeric and phthalate-free PVC film solvoprint® performance wall-grip with immediate effect.

The German coating specialist complements its portfolio with the new product by a well adherent self-adhesive film perfectly suitable for difficult, rough, porous or low-energy surfaces like plaster, concrete, chipboard & PP containers.

NESCHEN solvoprint® performance wall-grip is characterised by a matt and even surface structure giving excellent print results with (eco) solvent, latex and UV-curing inks. The High-Tack adhesive is designed to last for 5 years use Indoor and Outdoor. The solvent free adhesive and phalate free PVC film does not only protect the environment, but also guarantees at the same time that there will be no unwanted reactions between the acrylate adhesive and the solvent inks. The polymeric vinyl features considerably better shrink properties than the monomeric vinyl.

Especially for demanding interior design projects with customized design objects the user is confronted with the challenge of not only working with “glue-friendly” surfaces. Therefore solvoprint® performance wall-grip also adheres reliably to chipboard and plastic surfaces. In outdoor areas signs and containers can also be affixed effortlessly with the new film.  The special formula adhesive allows “fitters” and vinyl applicators to easily manage the most challenging of design projects, indoor and outdoor (not suitable for “wet applications”).

The new solvoprint® performance wall-grip is available in the printer size optimized dimension of 155cm x 50m.