November 2020

Neschen Coating integrates Czech company to expand laminator business

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With the integration of Czech manufacturer Linus s.r.o., the laminator business is now completely in Neschen’s hands, ensuring the production and development long-term, while bringing greater flexibility


Since 2015, Neschen and Linus s.r.o. have had a successful cooperation, with the Czech company being the sole manufacturer of Neschen laminators. In the last years, the cooperation between both parties has been so successful that Neschen became Linus’ biggest and soon only customer. Jiri Mach Jr., CEO of Linus, and the Linus team are staying with the company and are now part of the Neschen Group. Mach and Stephan Liegerer, Neschen’s Head of Technical Services, form the management of Neschen s.r.o. “The cooperation between Linus and Neschen has always worked extremely well, so for both parties, this is a very positive development and we are looking forward to further build on this excellent partnership”, says Liegerer. For Neschen customers, this merger means the company can respond even quicker to their requests.


Additionally, Neschen is now able to provide custom solutions. “With the laminator business being fully in our hands, we are able to promptly react to our customers’ demands. It will also give us the opportunity to deliver customized solutions when requested”, says Kai Tittgemeyer, Managing Director of Neschen Coating GmbH.


The location of the business remains the same, with Neschen s.r.o. operating out of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.