August 2016

NESCHEN introduces new decorative film solvoprint® glass deco onto the market – More efficient glass finishing by dry application

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  • Additional applications
  • Easy and clean processing

NESCHEN, the specialist for state-of-the-art self-adhesive products and high-quality coated media, developed the new decorative film solvoprint®  glass deco for an efficient and hence cost and time saving dry application especially for the growing market of foliation of glass surfaces. In contrast to the traditional wet adhesion solvoprint®  glass deco can be applied without application fluid. Due to the air-matrix technology which creates very fine micro-channels in the adhesive even the inexperienced user can apply and reposition the film easily – even when applying on large surfaces. Bubbles and creases that often occur under the film at wet adhesion due to residual application fluid can be avoided completely. In addition, the user can remove the application tape promptly, because the plotted material adheres to the surface shortly after application. Cleaning of the floor and the surrounding area – obligatory after wet adhesion – is not necessary. Consequently, the user saves time.

Elegant and exclusive look  

The range of application possibilities is huge. These modern applications can be used to give glazed offices or meeting rooms a decorative look. Decorative films on glass provide a relaxed atmosphere at rest areas at busy airports or other highly frequented areas. They offer visual protection and an extravagant design at the same time, also provide information and create an exclusive look for the presented brands. “The translucent self-adhesive ploymeric PVC-film contains metal pigments. This ensures a high-quality and exclusive look of the surfaces and simultaneously provides a silvery effect, similar to etched glass,” Rita Gerhardt, product manager at NESCHEN explains. solvoprint®  glass deco can be printed with ES/S/L/UV inks which increase the versatility of use. Additionally, the new NESCHEN film can be used as a projection screen for LED projectors. Unprinted solvoprint®  glass deco on large surfaces  can  be used for projector presentations without any further preparation. solvoprint®  glass deco meets the requirements of flame-retardant materials (material class 1) according to DIN 4102-1.

The new NESCHEN decorative film for glass is now available on rolls at a length of 30 m and a width of 137.2 cm. Watch the video to find out about the easy application of solvoprint®  glass deco.


PM Solvoprint® Glass Deco