July 2019

A reliable solution: New gudy® 803 power-tack mounting film is a versatile solution for the most difficult surfaces

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For decades the brand name gudy® has been standing for high-end quality in the area of sophisticated mounting films all over the world. International galleries, museums as well as photographers choose gudy® products for their reliable performance. Our newly developed addition to the gudy® portfolio, gudy® 803 power-tack, is a state-of-the-art mounting film for digital prints, photo boards, fabrics, veneer wood panels and various other materials.

  • Highest adhesive power in the range
  • Solvent-free thanks to water-based acrylic adhesive
  • The perfect solution for mounting digital prints, photographs, fabrics and other challenging substrates on rough and low-energy surfaces




For shop fitters, exhibition booth builders or the digital printing market

With the new gudy® 803 power-tack Neschen offers its customers a high-quality product to mount their materials without much effort. One difference gudy® 803 provides compared to other mounting films is its powerful adhesion strength, which is ideal for mounting on rough and low-energy surfaces like concrete walls, composite boards like Alu Dibond and even wood boards or polypropylene. Even the application of fabric to challenging surfaces like OSB panels or concrete walls proves to be trouble-free. The strong and reliable adhesion on rough structured surfaces is possible thanks to the high coat weight of the adhesive.

By using a solvent-free adhesive formulation, the new Neschen product is also environmentally friendly coated. Unlike other mounting films, gudy® 803 power-tack contains a water-based acrylic adhesive, which is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious customers.

Gudy® 803 power-tack is available in sizes of 50m x 104cm, 50m x 130cm or 50m x155cm.