October 2019

Book wrapping made easy

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Laminating books – tips and tools

Laminating books with self-adhesive film has brought many to despair. Bubbles, wrinkles, kinks – those who do not have the right utensils and helpers at their fingertips are struggling with some annoying by-products of working with book protection films. In today’s blog, we will share some tips and show you which tools make life easier for you when laminating books.


1) Select the width of the book protection film so that the film overlaps approx. 2 cm top and bottom.

2) Cut the film so that it overlaps on all four sides by approx. 2-3 cm when the book is open.

3) Then peel back approx. 10 cm of the backing paper / film, align the film, position it on the book cover and press the edge of the film down.

4) Slowly peel off the backing paper / film from under the protection film and press the film down towards the edges using the book squeegee.


Discover our easy-to-follow PDF instructions!



5) Press the film with the burnishing bone gently into the book fold and then rub onto the book spine.

6) Turn the entire book over and continue in the same way.

7) Cut the film overlaps at all corners diagonally and make wedge-shaped cuts at each book joint.

8) Fold the film overlaps over the inside of the book cover and press down.

9) Work the film overlaps on the book into the back with the burnishing bone. Cut them off on paperbacks.



Helpful tools


Burnishing bones

Burnishing bones are either made of real bone or Teflon. They are helpful when working protection films into book folds and spines.






With the aid of squeegees, bubbles are avoided. Using soft-felt squeeges ensures that the protective film is not damaged. The bevelled long side with an angle of about 45 degrees is ideal for applying and fixating the film.





Tape dispenser

Libraries can benefit from using a tape dispenser. Some offer the possibility to have two different roll sizes of repair tape right at hand and ready to use.





Book laminating station

If you have a book laminating station, you do not have to worry about wrinkles or blisters in the book protection film. A time-saving and efficient tool!

Expert tip: It is always easier to prevent damage than to repair it later on. Even though many damages to books can be repaired, it is often easier to protect the books beforehand. Especially with paperbacks, the cover is quickly damaged and the book loses its strength and is ruined. The use of reinforcing films can prevent this from happening by enforcing the cover and making it thicker and firmer.





This means your paperbacks last longer without having to be repaired (Product tip: For paperbacks, Neschen offers a simple solution: filmolux bookcover®. The film turns a paperback into a hardcover book in just three simple steps.) Reinforcing films are not only useful for paperbacks. Also important papers, magazines or restaurant menues can be protected by using this method.


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