Mounting Films

gudy® ultra clear

permanent on both sides ►special for bonding behind acrylic glass and glass ►PVC-free We recommend using a laminator when working with gudy® ultra clear with Neschen ColdLam and Neschen HotLam


The double-sided permanent adhesive gudy® ultra clear is a crystal clear mounting film for highest transparency. The film with thin polyester carrier and double-sided polyester cover is characterized by a very smooth adhesive surface. gudy® ultra clear is thus suitable for the demanding mounting of high-quality inkjet prints or photo developments behind acrylic glass or glass. The application behind acrylic glass or glass gives images an impressive depth of field and color brilliance. The pH-neutral, water-based and age-resistant adhesive prevents catalytic processes and thus ensures the quality and value of the print in the long term. The gudy® ultra clear is suitable for machine processing, e.g. on Neschen laminators, and can be used indoors and outdoors.


  • Crystal clear mounting film
  • Application behind acrylic glass or glass
  • Permanent adhesive on both sides
  • Covered on both sides with PET film
  • Water-based, pH-neutral and aging-resistant adhesive


6038295 50 m x 63,5 cm / 77 mm core
6038294 50 m x 104 cm / 77 mm core
6038293 50 m x 130 cm / 77 mm core
6040358 50 m x 152,4 cm / 77 mm core