Laminating Machines

The first Neschen laminator K600 was presented at Photokina in 1974. We are continuing this success story now.
Neschen laminators are back and better than ever before: Designed by Neschen, produced in Europe with additional benefits for our customers worldwide. The Neschen ColdLam 1650, HotLam 1650 TH, HotLam 1650 DoubleH, PhotoLam 650 and our EcoLam 1650, are our five all-rounders for every application. Not just built for our customers, but with our customers. During the design phase we intensely coordinated the design together with our customers worldwide. Our aim was to build a machine which is practical to use in their everydaywork. The designers attached much importance to having maintenance and repair executed by the customers themselves.

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Neschen Rollcutter 1650

Engineered in Germany - made in EU!


The Neschen Rollcutter 1650 turns your large-format rolled media into individual sizes – accurate to the millimetre. Thanks to the practical development, together with our application engineers, every detail is considered to make our customers´ work easier, efficient and sustainable. And of course each machine comes with our premium technical service.


Efficiency and precision for your storage

The Neschen Rollcutter 1650 optimizes your warehousing in a simple but efficient way. You can easily assemble your custom sizes from large formats of rolled material. You just do not need to store a large number of rolled Material in different sizes. Now you can easily create the sizes you need for your project, without any delivery time. That makes you more flexible and faster than your competitors. An important argument for timesensitive projects. Besides, remaining large format stocks can be easily turned into smaller sizes for other projects. This leads to less waste – and is an economical and ecological benefit. Besides, handling costs and storage costs can be reduced.



  • Digital measurement of length and width
  • The winding axis can be swivelled
  • Ergonomic working height
  • Maintenance-free knife disc for clean cuts
  • High stability and movability
  • Drive infinitely variable in two directions
  • Parting off up to 200 mm thicknesses
  • Cutting to length and wrapping up to a thickness up to 300 mm


6041154 Neschen Rollcutter 1650 1650 mm working width