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easy dot® PET matt L-UV

Environmentally friendly PET film for exceptionally simple application  


With easy dot® PET matt L-UV, we offer you a polyester film with a matt white surface for photorealistic prints with UV and latex inks. Compared to conventional film, easy dot® PET matt L-UV is more environmentally friendly because its material properties save up to 40 percent in weight. This results in significantly less waste after use. Moreover it contains 25% of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. In addition, the easy dot® film has a solvent-free adhesive and does not shrink. With the proven easy dot® adhesive technology, the film can always be applied easily without bubbles and removed without leaving any residue.

Typical field of application

❚ For indoor applications at trade shows, special sales promotions, POS advertising, etc.

Product features

❚ 75 μm white matte polyester film (PVC-free)
❚ Contains 25% of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content
❚ With easy dot® adhesive-technology
❚ Does not shrink
❚ Indoor and outdoor application up to 2 years
❚ Easy to bond and bubble-free
❚ Best results on smooth substrates, especially glass surfaces
❚ Removable without residue
❚ Fire certificate B-s1, d0 acc. with EN 13501

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6044539 10 m x 137,2 cm
6044540 50 m x 137,2 cm
6045005 50 m x 160 cm