Print media

printlux PP glossy adh instant dry


Designed for

  • can be applied on a wide range of substrates, traditionally suitable for adhesion
  • designed for short term indoor applications like Trade Shows, Seasonal Sales etc.


Product Features

  • approx. 120 µm thick polypropylen film
  • white, glossy surface
  • micro porous inkjet coating
  • reverse side coated with a solvent free, permanent acrylic adhesive
  • grey coloured adhesive
  • with a transparent thin PET liner
  • printable with dye- and pigmented inks
  • pigment inks recommended (more UV stability)
  • good scratch- and water resistance
  • very good print quality
  • environment friendly PVC-free a. with waterbased adhesive
  • 3 inch core, printside outside


6031862 30 m x 106,7 cm
6031863 30 m x 152,4 cm