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NEW: UVprint PP easy dot matt

With the new UVprint PP easy dot® matt customers benefit from a polypropylene film with a very homogeneous surface. The more rigid PP polymer enables using ten percent less material, thus reducing waste. Neschen’s portfolio addition has virtually no shrinkage. The special feature of Neschen‘s easy dot® films is their extremely easy handling. The innovative dot adhesive allows a bubble-free application, even for untrained individuals, and residue-free removal – ideal for short-term promotional campaigns at the point of sale. The new member of the easy dot® family offers photorealistic printing results and is optimized for UV-curable inks.


Designed for

  • dot-shaped adhesive allows easy and bubble-free positioning
  • designed for short-term indoor applications like trade shows, POS campaigns etc.


Product Features

  • 90 µm polypropylene (PP) film, PVC-free
  • white, satin finish, very homogeneous surface
  • “dot-shaped” adhesive coat for easy application
  • for printing with UV-curable inks, including LED- and UVgel printers
  • in combination with filmolux® PP sand ideal for floor graphics
  • high colour brilliance
  • can be applied on smooth and flat surfaces
  • fire certification acc. to EN 13501
  • car wrapping is not recommended
  • the base paper of our release liner comes from FSC- and PEFC-certified sources
  • environmentally friendly waterbased adhesive
  • 3-inch core, printside outside


6043395 10 m x 160 cm
6043391 50 m x 137,5 cm
6043394 50 m x 160 cm