Print media

solvoprint easy dot matt / glossy

Your high-quality solution for latex and UV gel inks: The newly improved easy dot® technology puts an end to occasional printing problems with latex inks (known from many PVC-based media).  


Designed for

  • dot-shaped glue allows easy and bubble-free positioning
  • short- to midterm applications like trade shows, seasonal sales, floor graphics (in combination with a slip resistant protection film), etc.


Product Improvements

  • new easy dot® quality puts an end to occasional printing problems with latex inks (known from many PVC-based media)


Product Features

  •  100 µm monomeric PVC
  •  white, glossy/matt
  • “dot-shaped” adhesive coating for easy application and repositioning
  • removable adhesive properties
  • special-PVC for printing with solvent-based-, latex-, UVgel- and UV-curable inks
  • perfect lay flatness, no restrictions with demanding printers
  • suitable for outdoor applications of up to one year
  • B1 fire certification according to DIN 4102-1
  • M1 fire certification according to NF P 92 503-507
  • HP certified for 3rd generation latex inks (L300 series, L500 series & L1500)
  • “easy dot matt”: HP certified for 2nd generation latex inks (L260 & L280)
  • high media whiteness for more contrast and natural-looking pastel colours
  • high colour brilliance and photorealistic print quality
  • can be applied on smooth and flat surfaces
  • no chemical reaction between adhesive and solvent inks
  • a slight surface texture can be given due to the dot shaped adhesive
  • car wrapping is not recommended
  • the base paper of our release liner comes from a PEFC certified source
  • environment-friendly waterbased adhesive
  • 3 inch core, printside outside
  • also available in 250 m rolls (on 152 mm core) for digital-, UV-offset and screen printing


6034818 50 m x 106,7 cm matt
6030349 50 m x 137,2 cm matt
6042654 50 m x 160 cm matt
6039998 50 m x 106,7 cm glossy
6030348 50 m x 137,2 cm glossy
6042658 50 m x 160 cm glossy
6037456 75 m x 137,2 cm matt - minimum order quantity: 50 rolls
6034735 250 m x 137,2 cm matt - 152 mm core
6034736 250 m x 137,2 cm glossy - 152 mm core