Book Care & Repair

filmoplast® R

Repair paper with heat-activated adhesive for encapsulating documents


  • 9,0 g/m2 light, transparent, technical Japanese paper
  • coated with heat activated acrylic-acid ester copolymer
  • the paper is free of lignin and hemicellulose, with a high percentage of alpha cellulose
  • the adhesive contains no softeners, is ageing-resistant, colourless and does not yellow
  • Magnesium carbonate in the adhesive neutralises acids that may arise and migrate into the adhesive layer when paper fibres in old papers degrade
  • the adhesive provides good adhesion with high bending stiffness, even repeated bending will not loosen the seal
  • the sealing temperature must be over 100°C
  • filmoplast R can be removed in water bath, with alcohol or heat (recommended).
    Attention! Please refer to the processing instructions in our technical data sheet.
  • Passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916.

Fields of application: filmoplast® R is the ideal product for the preservation of modern papers and newspapers, retaining the paper character of the original. Due to the low thickness of the material, filmoplast® R is hardly visible. The ageing resistance of the material was certified by PTS (Papiertechnische Stiftung München, Heidenau PBA-No.: 21.495/3). Continuous encapsulating from roll is possible with the Neschen HSM 2.0 sealing machine. Fragmented documents can be joined up on the worktable of the machine and encapsulated between two layers of filmoplast® R form complete documents again. In order to invisibly repair tears, small rolls of filmoplast R can be used and sealed with a heating iron.


26200 50m x 2cm
26201 50m x 31cm
26202 50m x 41cm
26203 50m x 62cm
6012831 50m x 93cm
38514 200m x 31cm
38687 200m x 41cm
38078 200m x 62cm