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Neschen HSM 2.0

New, next generation Neschen Hot Laminating Machine for encapsulating documents with filmoplast® R - In-house developed & manufactured !


The new next generation Neschen HSM 2.0 is designed to completely encapsulate documents with filmoplast® R, allowing efficient preservation of modern papers. Huge time and cost savings guaranteed ! The large stainless steel in-feed table enables easy insert of documents. The increased usable width of 620mm allows working with all widths of filmoplast® R on the same machine. The speed can be continously varied up to two meters per minute. This machine is fitted with two heated rollers, continuously adjustable up to 150°C. To optimize throughput of the encapsulated documents, the machine is equipped with two pulling rollers and a downwardly sloping out-feed table.

The Neschen HSM 2.0 will be delivered with a sturdy supporting frame on castors. (unassembled)


  • max. 620 mm working width
  • maximum speed of 2 m/min
  • maximum roller gap of 20 mm (manually adjustable)
  • two heated rollers (maximum temperature 150°C)
  • two pulling rollers
  • extra big, flip up in-feed table to facilitate easy setup
  • flip up out-feed table
  • clear control panel
  • brakes mounted outside the machine for a better control of material unwind (filmoplast® R)
  • self-checking safety eye for increased operator safety
  • power connection 230V  50/60Hz 13A   2900watt
  • CE certificated
  • manufactured in Europe


6041412 Neschen HSM 2.0 620mm