Book Care & Repair

filmoplast® P 90

Repair, protection and embedding of papers


Fields of application: Repair, protection and embedding of papers, attaching torn out pages, repairing old quires, strengthening of inner book joint in paperbacks, repairing edges. Also fixing originals to passe-partouts or support boards and dust-free sealings.

The white special paper is an ideal combination of stability and strength with softness. The adhesive is buffered with CaCO3, slightly alkaline so that damage to the documents is not possible, but with sufficient buffer capacity to prevent acid decay.

Ageing resistance certified by the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS – paper technology specialists) in Heidenau (PBA-No.: 21.495/2). Photograpic Activity Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916 passed.


  • 50 g/m² special paper white
  • solvent-, acid and phthlatfree, ageing-resistant, nonyellowing, permanently elastic acrylic adhesive
  • silicone-paper release liner


26251 50m x 1,3cm 10 Rolls
25454 50m x 2cm Dispenser
26252 50m x 2cm 10 Rolls
26255 50m x 4cm